UHF Sticker Tag / In Stock / Factory Price

2019-10-28 22:16:02 11

Did You Know?

Ultra high frequency (UHF) transponder technology uses the radio wave frequency spectrum, allowing reading distances of several meters (equivalent to several dozen feet), depending on the size of the UHF Sticker Tag and the operating power transmitted by the UHF reader. Identiv’s UHF designs leverage our extensive expertise in radio frequency identification (RFID) deployments, are designed to outperform existing solutions available on the market, and are frequency tuned for specific environmental constraints. We also offer dual-frequency tags (UHF+HF) for support in a variety of applications, including near field communication (NFC) with high frequency (HF) interface.


Real World Applications

  • Supply chain and inventory management (i.e., tires, agricultural, etc.)

  • Asset and personnel tracking (i.e., pallets, containers, runners, electronic devices, employees, etc.)

  • Logistics

  • Industrial and manufacturing

  • Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

  • Consumable authentication using TID as serial number

  • Real-time location systems (RTLS) using 3D orientation insensitive design

  • Gate and perimeter access control

  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare (i.e., medical warehouse tracking, hands-free environments, emergency personnel, etc.)

  • Entertainment and travel (i.e., baggage tagging, traveler identification on cruise lines, etc.)

  • Internet of Things (IoT) enablement

  • Apparel and retail